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Swirl dating is a serious interracial dating website for Black singles, White singles, Mixed singles seeking interracial dating. With almost a million members and 1,000 new members joining every day, your chances of meeting the right one on SwirlDating are high. Swirl dating site establishes strict authentication mechanism and member complaint mechanism, through customer service manual review, shielding technology members and complaint way of shielding the bad member to ensure personals member quality, personals process safety.

Swirl dating site is an affiliate of MillionaireMatch. Swirl dating has been committed to providing the best online dating service, you can sign up free and meet your swirl love. Whether you are a black single, white single or other ethnic, racial backgrounds single, as long as you want to date, interracial dating websites will help you harvest the unexpected surprises!

As the largest and most successful online platform for interracial singles since 2001, it’s definitely worth trying.

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Swirl Dating: 13 years together, and I still love him

swirl datingI'm Norwegian, he's Jamaican-American. We've been together for 13 years, and married for 10. We met while we were both freshmen students at a business school here in Oslo. We were both 23 at the time, and we had so much in common.

Military background, strong Christian upbringing, same age, same interests and so on. After 2 years of being bestfriends, and a ton of romantic tension, we decided date. This was in 2006, and a large chunk of both of our families disapproved. Said that we wouldn't match because "our cultures didn't line up".

We've been through so much together. 2 kids, leaving our faith, moving from Norway to Delaware, back to Norway and then to New York. I still love him with all my heart. I wouldn't be with anyone else, and although it hasn't been perfect, it's definitely been worth it.

I am happy to share my own experience being in a swirl relationship.

If you had to swirl dating: Would you pick Black or White?

black white swirl dating"Whoever has more money. But if it's just smashing & not a relationship, then whoever looked nicer since there are busted people in either group lol"


"Black all day! They arent clueless like white guys are. Take pride in working hard to take care of their loved ones."

"A lot of Black men are very interested in me. I never had an issue with them, in fact they can be pretty cute."

"Stay single"

"White. I find black attractive but they are way too enmeshed with their families for me and are mommas boys. Never again!"

Tips for Swirl Dating

Most of my relationships have been swirl. The main thing is to not focus on race, just focus on each other like any other couple would. Really everyone is the same, people have different personalities no matter what race they are. I can't remember one point in my last relationship when we actually acknowledged to each other that we were different races, everyone else seemed to make a deal about it.. But we didn't care.

To be honest with you, it's you as a person that'll make guys find you attractive. Race is no longer a factor in relationships. Literally anything you would do with a black man, you can do with any man. Key word: MAN. not white, black, green or purple. Just be yourself and explose yourself to what the world has to offer. Happy dating!

When you are out on a date, remember that you are out with another human being. It should not be just another social experiment. Spend the time to get to know her better, just like in any other date you have been in the past. These are some of the things that you need to remember. When you are in an swirl dating relationship, you should appreciate what makes your date special. And that’s how you can build a stronger relationship with your partner.

It is important that you appreciate her sexuality without fetish zings her. There are different ways you can fetishise a black woman, but most of the time it involves expecting her to adhere to stereotypes, and quantify her like some sort of trophy. You should not expect every black woman to know how to twerk, be promiscuous, or angry all the time. Not only will you be disappointed to find out that she doesn’t have any of those attributes, but you will also be harming their feelings as well.

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swirl dating AppIf you're like millons of people around the world who are interested in finding swirl love, dating outside their race, or just meeting fun interesting people, swirl dating app is for you! Asian, Black, White, Red Indians, Hispanic and people of diverse races are the part of the swirl Dating. It will give you the chance to browse all of the singles member profile with just a one tap. If you like someone then send him a message using the live messaging system. This will open the process of chatting and you can then start chatting with other person. Find your Interracial Match! Explore users from a diverse range of backgrounds on this match maker. Spice up your life by dating different people and sharing the fun!

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1. Sign Up: Start by telling us a little about yourself and who you're looking for

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4. Interact: Send a wink, email or chat online when you're ready to make your move

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